Macedonian Villages (Bb Clarinet Solo)

A piece in four movements, depicting the rustic and beautiful mountain villages of Macedonia.

Five-Sided Sphere (Five Flutes)

A chamber piece for a choir of five flutes, circling around the geometric aspects of sound.

Exhalations (Mezzo-Soprano and String Quartet)

A pair of songs, with poetry by the German poet Rainer Maria Rilke. The songs explore the cosmos as a metaphor for life's uncertainties.

Justifying Existence (Baritone and Piano)

A cycle of three songs set to Emily Dickinson poems, questioning and pondering the meaning of human existence.

Tartuffe I, iv: Une Vignette d'Ironie

(Reed Trio, Two Baritones and Soprano)

A scene from the Molière play "Tartuffe" set to music in a lively operetta style, with the reed trio driving the quirky, farcical atmosphere of the play.

Insomnia (String Quartet)

A one-movement piece driven by the emotional and physical frustration of sleepless nights.